Skin Peeling and Microdermabrasion

Growing older the natural process of exfoliation and cell renewal slows down and the body may need a little assistance. Removing the dead skin cells will reveal the softer more youthful looking skin cells beneath.


This superficial abrasion of the skin also triggers the body’s own natural repair mechanism which triggers the production of new collagen and releases glycoaminoglycans in order to rehydrate and replenish the recently abraded area. This has a remarkable softening action on surface lines and wrinkles.

There are several light abrasion technologies available that can assist in removing the stratum corneum (dead outermost surface of the skin).

Orbital Microdermabrasion -  uses an abrasive head to perform a progressive and controlled exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells and impurities from the superficial layers of skin.

Ultrasonic Peel - provides a far gentler and less aggressive alternative to traditional Orbital Microdermabrasion methods of skin exfoliation.

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